wtorek, 7 maja 2013

For my sweet Judy on our anniversary :*

Do you remember this Sweetie??? :)

On the beginning of this story I have to say … .

I have to explain that this ‘fairy tale’ is about two girls… Maybe you know them, maybe not… but it doesn’t change anything. It’s a true story and the end of it will be very surprising for you.

Then… start.  

First time they met in the toilet and they spoke about ‘sleeping problem caused of their neighbours’ and they said in this same moment - .

That was beginning of   .

After few days they met again in the kitchen (no. 318) and one of them said   and they started to have fun together.

It was amazing experience.

In next week they met again at home-party, spoke a little and after this for few weeks they didn’t see each other, only at University or in Randall...   .

Once, one of them had a plan to prepare an Easter Party with   and a nice cup of tea   .
This day everything changed. EVERYTHING!  was the most important part of this ‘meeting’.
 After this day they started to spend more time together… with and not only of course… because… . A LOT OF FUN!!!...
…And after few days they got to conclusion that… and that they really like each other.
One day, one of them said   and give for her new friend because, like she said . She told her that  and they should be friend, good friend and “”. :P

Every day this friendship grew in bigger feelings… One thing changed this and makes it lasting… and even if they know that  they stayed together. This relation was reinforced and there appeared feeling, which was .

Now they know that  it’s not enough to describe feeling between them… and they sharing the idea that .
 IT’S AWESONE, don’t you think?! 

With little ray of hope… I know that… .

 Ach…  and…
    as much as I LOVE YOU.             :* :* :* :* :* :* :*   


4 komentarze:

  1. o jaaaaa kochana, ale mi się miło zrobiło!!!:)
    ale coś ci się plącze: żona, siostra, przyjaciółka...ludzie gotowi pomyśleć, że mamy rozdwojenie jaźni :P

    1. Kochana, a co Cię obchodzi co ludzie pomyślą. ;)

  2. no w sumie to nic :P


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